Draw Mike Wazowski From Monsters Inc.

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Monster’s Inc star Mike Wazowski.

Now that we have already drawn Sulley from Monsters Inc it’s time to draw his best friend and coworker Mike Wazowski. Mike is a little bit of a hot head compared to his furry coworker. I guess that would be a good traits for a monster. He is voiced by Billy Crystal.

How to draw Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

This is probably one of the simplest drawing tutorials I have made to date. It’s still a lot of fun and you will definitely enjoy it if you are a fan of the movie.

Step 1

Draw Mike’s body/head. Mike is a tiny little guy. His body and his head are one. Even though that sounds a little creepy his personality in the Monsters Inc. movies shows that he is mostly harmless but does have a bit of a short temper from time to time. I always thought the design of the character was fun and original.

Just draw an oval. We will be adding all the other body parts next.

Draw cross hairs through his head. These will help us to place his facial features. These guidelines will be erased by the end of our drawing.


Step 2

Draw Mike’s arms and legs. put one arm up above his head since he will be waving to us in this picture.


Step 3

Sketch out the hands and feet. Each hand has only four fingers. This is typical of cartoon characters since it’s easier to draw. His feet have only three toes.

All his toes and fingers have a long pointed nail at the end.


Step 4

This is easily the most distinguishing feature our character. He only has a single giant eyeball on his head! Place the eye right in the middle. use the guidelines to help you place it correctly. Draw his eyelid. Sketch an eyebrow that raises up above his forehead.


Step 5

Draw Mike’s smile. If you want to you can draw Mike angry like he often was in the movie.


Step 6

Our character has a long row of jagged teeth. I guess these make it easier for him to scare children with.

Draw two horns at the top of his head.


Step 7

Erase the guidelines you drew earlier. Clean up any stray or messy lines.

Monsters Inc Drawing

Congratulations on finishing your Monsters Inc drawing! If you did it in pencil you can ink your drawing or also color it in your preferred medium. Please remember to share your drawing with me on Facebook and Twitter!