How To Draw A Bulldog

This lesson is on how to draw a bulldog.

It is the first in a series of dog drawing tutorials. This tutorial will show you how to draw the gruff yet playful bulldog.

Bulldogs are known for their distinctive gruff no-nonsense appearance. They have a stocky muscular build with wide shoulders and hips. Their muzzle is short unlike most dogs and has characteristic wrinkled jowls on their face.

how to draw a bulldog

The bulldog originally comes from the British Isles where it was bred from mastiffs. It was once a vicious dog but decades of careful breeding have removed overly aggressive traits from the dog.

Some people may judge these dogs solely on their appearance and believe them to be mean and dangerous. While any dog can be dangerous if not trained properly the bulldog actually has a very friendly demeanor. They are well known for creating strong bonds with their human companions. They are good with children and other pets and are known for enjoying sitting on a person’s lap.

Step 1

Our bulldog drawing begins with few simple guidelines. His torso will be an oval and the head will be a circle. Don’t worry about making these perfect since these lines will be erased later.


Step 2

The first thing we will draw is the bull dogs nose. We will start from there and move outwards to the rest of his face and body.

Draw the nose in the circle but off-center up and to the left.


Step 3

Draw the top of his snout curving down from above his nose.


Step 4

Draw the rest of the bulldogs characteristic jowls. These are the bulldogs most defining feature and make them easy to tel apart from other dogs. Erase the guidelines as you go along.


Step 5

Draw his chin and a few lines below it to create his neck.

Draw the cheek.


Step 6

Draw the top of the bulldogs head and his ears.


Step 7

Draw his eyes. Then add lines around them to create the curves and folds of his brow and forehead.


Step 8

Erase the remaining guidelines. Draw his the two front legs.

The body will be stocky and wide. This is what gives the bulldog his powerful and intimidating appearance. Despite their gruff appearance bulldogs are actually very loving and affectionate dogs.


Step 9

Draw the rest of his body and his hind leg.


Draw 10

Finish up by drawing the bulldogs other hind leg and his paws.

bulldog pencil drawing

Congratulations on finishing the How to Draw a Bulldog lesson! Please share what you thought of the lesson in the comments below.