How To Draw A Bunny Rabbit

This tutorial is on how to draw a rabbit.

This lesson is simple and will be manageable by just about everyone regardless of his or her artistic skill-level. If you have any trouble with the steps on how to draw a rabbit please don’t feel intimidated. Just take your time and have fun! Let’s begin!


Rabbits can be found in many parts of the world from the Americas, Africa, to Europe and Asia. They can survive in forests, grasslands, and even deserts.

They are known for burrowing underground for places to hibernate and nurse their young. Did you know a baby rabbit is called a kitten? Not many would refer to a rabbit as a kitten but it is a name that can be associated with animals other than cats.

Step 1

To begin we will draw the guidelines for our rabbits head.

The best way to describe it would be a triangle with rounded corners.These lines will be erased later as we add more details to our rabbit like the face, ears, body, etc.

Step 2

Next we will draw the guideline for our rabbits body. This is just a simple oval shape that overlaps part of our rounded triangle. The top of the oval should cross through the top third of the rounded triangle. Again, this does not have to be symmetrical either. The oval is also a guideline that will be erased in step 5 of How to Draw A Rabbit.


Step 3

Then draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the rabbit. The eyes will both be placed in the top half of the rounded triangle. They should be below top of the oval though. The eyes are similar to half-circles. The left eye is bigger than the right. Also, right eye is closer to the edge of the triangle than the left eye.

The nose and mouth are also very simple. The nose is a V shape and the mouth is an upside down V that is directly below the nose. A line connects the tip of each V to the other. The nose and the mouth are off-center to the right. This is so we can depict the rabbit looking slightly to the right.


Step 4

Draw the ears. These will be jutting out near the top of the rabbit’s head. The bottom of the ears should be above our oval. Leave a some space between the ears at the very top of the head.

That’s it for the guidelines. Now we can begin putting down the lines that will be part of our finished drawing! You will see from here that it’s a breeze to learn to draw a rabbit.

Step 5

Lightly erase the guidelines you just drew. You will want to leave them slightly visible so that you can draw over them.

The next lines drawn will help to show that our rabbit drawing has fur. If we draw straight lines our rabbit will look to smooth and will lack texture. The lines indicating the fur will be haphazardly jagged. They will follow our guidelines but will not stray too far from them. Move the pencil quickly up and down or back and forth as you draw the fur. Draw the lines around the head and ears first before moving onto the body.


The below picture shows a magnified image of the lines indicating the fur. Notice they are haphazard and not meant to be perfect as you draw a rabbit. This step of how to draw a rabbit is the funnest.


Please also notice the cheeks are separate from each other and do not meet at the bottom. We will leave this spot blank to show that the neck is connecting the head to the body.

To show the bottom of the jaw draw a curved line below the mouth.

Step 6

The body of our rabbit will be drawn with the same jagged squiggle lines we used for the head and ears. We use this type of line to show that our rabbit is fuzzy. This adds character and makes the bunny look extra cute!


The line creating the belly of our rabbit does not connect to the original oval guideline we created.

You can now add the feet. Instead of using the same squiggle lines we used for the rest of the body, these will be drawn with normal straight lines because the fur on the feet is shorter than on the rest of the body. We only need to draw two on the left and one on the right. The fourth paw is hidden by the body. Add triangular shapes to the toes to create the nails as you draw a rabbit.

Step 7

The next lines drawn will be separating the different colors of the fur on the rabbit’s body. You draw these lines as I show them here or you can draw them your own way. Choose any pattern for the fur that you like. This step of the How to Draw a Rabbit Lesson can be skipped if you want to keep your rabbit a single color.


Step 8

Now color the fur. I chose to use my graphite pencil and make my rabbit grey and white. You can use colored pencils or markers to make the fur other colors like black, brown, orange, or any other color you prefer. You get to decide how to draw a rabbit. This part of drawing a rabbit is up to you so feel free to add your own style.

Color in the eyes as well. As you can see, I put put a small white circle in the upper left of each eye. This shows the appearance of light bouncing off each eye and also makes the rabbit look extra cute.

Rabbit Pencil Drawing

Step 9

The last thing we will do is add shading to our rabbit. Draw light shading in the inner ear to show there is depth and empty space in them. Also draw light shading just below the rabbit. The helps show it is planted on the ground rather than floating in space. This is the final step of the How To Draw A Rabbit lesson.

Bunny drawing

That’s it! Congratulations on your finished drawing. I hope you have enjoyed learning how to draw a rabbit. Do not fret if your own drawing does not look exactly like the one I created for the lesson. Your drawing shows your own unique character and style. If you would like you can follow the lesson again for more practice or improve upon the original.