How To Draw A Daisy

Today’s tutorial is on how to draw a daisy flower!

There are many types of daisies. The one we are focusing on in this article is the bellis perennis or common daisy as it is more often known.

The flower is widely known and is seen as a symbol of spring time and good weather. It is also viewed as a weed since it can invade home lawns in unwanted ways.

how to draw a daisy

Daisies are native to eastern Europe but have found there way to nearly every corner of the globe in some form or another.

Step 1

Before we do anything else it will help to put down some guidelines. These are not going to be a permanent part of our drawing. They will be erased as we move along. The guidelines are just stepping stones to our final drawing.

First we are going to draw an oval shape. this is going to be an oval instead of a circle because we are not going to be looking directly at the face of the daisy. We have a 3/4 view of it.

Draw a smaller football shape inside the larger oval. Draw this off-center because we are viewing the daisy in perspective.


Step 2

Draw the center of the daisy. This part is covered with stamen which help spread the pollen of the plant.

Draw lots and lots of tiny circles on the center. Draw them bunched up near the edges. As we get closer to the center of the of this part the circles will be less and less defined.

As you draw this you can erase the football shaped guidelines we drew in step 1.


Step 3

Now lets draw the petals on our daisy.

Some petals will be more prominent than others. Some will be up front while others will be placed behind them.

The petals are not meant to be perfectly symmetrical. Exactly the opposite in fact.

These petals are jagged and are not uniform. They expand slightly as they emerge from the center and taper at the very tips. Draw lines on these to show texture and folds in them.


Step 4

Draw the rest of the petals. These will be drawn similarly to the petals in step 3 but these new petals will be partially hidden behind the first batch of petals we drew. There are some layers to the petals.


Step 5

Draw the stem jutting down from the daisy.

drawing a daisy

Step 6

Erase any remaining guidelines you have. If you did your drawing in pencil you can now ink it or color it using your favorite medium.

daisy flower line drawing

Congratulations on completing the drawing! Please don’t forget to share your drawing with me in the comments. I love seeing your drawings and hearing your feedback.