How To Draw A Gardenia

This tutorial is on how to draw a gardenia flower!

Gardenia flowers appear on evergreen shrubs and trees which can grow as tall as 20 feet. They are easy to recognize because of their distinct appearance. The plants have rough dark green leaves and the flowers are pure white but can sometimes have a soft beige color. There are over 250 varieties.

how to draw a gardenia flower

Gardenias are named after Dr. Alexander Garden, an American physician and botanist. (BTW I think the surname Garden is the most perfect name for a botanist!)

The flowers thrive in bright sunlight but may wilt quickly if in direct sunlight. The plant is typically grown in humid tropical areas such as Africa, Australia, southern Asia, and Hawaii. They are often cultivated for their beauty and used in landscaping because they are relatively easy to grow.

Gardenia’s a known to have a few symbolic meanings. They can be used to symbolize secret love or to tell person “You’re beautiful.” The white petals also symbolize modesty, purity, and innocence. Gardenia’s do have uses other than simply aesthetic. The flowers can be used to create food, fabric dye, and are sometimes used for medicinal purposes. The flowers have an intense sweet smell which is often used for perfumes and other fragrance products.

Step 1

There won’t be any guidelines in this tutorial like there are in so many of my others.

This tutorial begins with just drawing the stamen of the gardenia. All petals will jump out from this point. It’s a very simple first step but the easiest way to draw this flower is to start from the center and gradually work our way out.


Step 2

Now let’s begin to draw the petals of our gardenia.

These will jut out from the stamen a but will fold over on themselves. They are not sticking out and remaining flat. They are curved and twisting.

As we begin to draw more and more petals each new row of petals will be partially obstructed by the previous petals.


Step 3

Now sketch the second row of petals. These are under the first row we drew. Draw these petals much bigger than the previous ones. Each consecutive row of petals will be drawn larger than the previous row.

They are similar to tear drop shapes. Draw them partially covered by the first row of petals and partially covered by each other even.


Step 4

We will make this row of petals appear to be partially folding and curving in on themselves.

This is easy to do by drawing curved lines within inner edges of the peals.


Step 5

Now draw the third and final row of petals. These will be even larger than the previous row.

These will be tear drop shaped just like before.

Draw curved lines to make it appear that part of the petals are curved.


Step 6

Finally draw a few leaves under the gardenia.

These leaves will be drawn longer than the petals. Draw a spine on them and lines sticking out from the spine.

Then draw a stem pointing down from the flower.

gardenia flower line drawing

Step 7

Finish up your drawing by erasing as stray lines and making everything nice and neat. Color it if you like.

Gardenia flower drawingCongratulations on finishing the Gardenia tutorial!

Please share your drawings in the comments section below. I love to see your artwork and read your feedback!