How To Draw A Girl Riding A Horse

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on how to draw horses.

draw a horse colored

Another fun horse tutorial. This one is of a young lady riding her Galloping horse. I especially like this one because it’s an action pose. I hope you enjoy it too.

Step 1

First let’s draw the guidelines for our horse.

These will all be simple shapes that will help us to better draw the final lines of our work. All these guidelines will be erased as we move along.

This horse will be viewed from profile like in the original horse drawing tutorial.

His body will be two oval shapes. Draw guidelines for his legs as well. We will draw the guidelines for our rider later on.

We will be adding detail and anatomy to our running horse in later steps.

0022 - 01

Step 2

We will start by drawing our horse’s head then move back.

Sketch his head. A horses head can be very angular and it can be easy to see all the cheek bones and angles of it’s skull. Draw these lines will give the horse drawing character.

0022 - 02

Step 3

Draw the horses front left leg. We will again add a few lines for character and to emphasis his muscles.

0022 - 03

Step 4

Draw the back and stomach of the horse. We will erase part of the back later when we draw the rider.

0022 - 04

Step 5

Draw the horses back left leg. This is the only leg that is touching the ground in this picture. A lot of people don’t realize that when a horse is running at full speed it may sometimes have all four legs off the ground at moments.

0022 - 05

Step 6

Draw the horses other two legs. We will only see part of these because they are on his right side.

0022 - 06

Step 7

Draw the horse mane and tail. Draw the hair up like it’s being blown by the wind. This will help to show the movement of the horse.

0022 - 07

Draw 8

Erase any remaining guidelines for the horse. We don’t need them now.

Our horse drawing is finished and now we can draw our rider. Sketch a stick figure for the rider. These will just be guidelines and will be erased by the end.

0022 - 08

Step 9

I decided to draw a traditional horse riding gear for the rider. Draw a button down shirt with a collar.

0022 - 09

Step 10

Draw her pants and boots.

0022 - 10

Step 11

Add the saddle. Remember to draw the strap going around the horses chest and also the stirrups for our riders feet.

Draw the harness on the horses head and put the horse reins in the riders hands.

0022 - 11

Step 12

Last step is to draw our rider’s head.

She is wearing a riding helmet. Draw her hair being tossed by the wind just like the horses mane and tail.

horse drawing 3


You have finished the horse and rider drawing. If you did this drawing in pencil you could now trace it with pen and ink or also color it with markers or colored pencils.

Horse line drawing