How To Draw A Horse Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on how to draw horses.

How to draw a horse.

Since my original article was so popular I decided to make that article part an an ongoing series. The first article featured a horse galloping but this article will show you how to draw a mare grazing. This is a less action oriented picture but I think a lot of readers will appreciate the delicate nature.

Step 1

To begin drawing our horse we will put down a few guidelines. These lines will be erased by the time we finish our drawing. We just need them here for now to act as the foundation for our final horse drawing.

Our horses back will be shaped kind of like a hotdog. This is because we are putting a curve to her back. Her back will sink in the middle between her shoulders and her lower back.

Draw a four lines for each of her legs.

her head will be down toward the earth as she eats the grass.


Step 2

Now that our guidelines are ready we can begin making this stick figure look like a horse!

We will start with our horses back and head. Like I said we are going to add two bumps at her shoulders and her lower back. This is just the natural curve of a horses back.

her neck will be a simple curve down. Her neck will be wider at the shoulders and become more narrow as it gets closer to her head.


Step 3

We will draw our horses head later. Now we will learn how to draw our horses belly and legs. We will first draw her left legs (the legs closest to us). The hip of her hind leg will be much larger than the front.

Horses legs are very different from a humans. Pay attention to the curves and turns of her legs.

Draw her underside once you finish drawing the legs.


Step 4

Draw the two other legs. Pay attention to the bends of the leg.


Step 5

Draw the horses head and the features.

Draw the horses ears far back on her head. Don’t draw them too close the eyes or the picture will look off.


Step 6

Draw the horses mane and tail. I chose to draw her mane falling to the side of her head and face. You may have better results if you carefully draw each strand of hair rather than scribbling a bunch of lines.

Follow the same steps with her tail. The tail should stretch almost until it reaches her hooves.

Add a few details to her legs or emphasis the muscles. Horses are very strong animals so these details will make the drawing more realistic.


Step 7

To finish up erase any remaining guidelines that may still be there. You can even ink your drawing

Horse line drawing.

Congratulations on how finishing the How To Draw A Horse Part 2 tutorial!