How To Draw A Hummingbird

This lesson will show you how to draw a hummingbird.

Hummingbirds are amazing creatures. The way they seem to almost float in mid air is incredible. In the tutorial I will be showing you how to draw a humming bird flapping it’s wings.

how to draw a hummingbird

Hummingbirds can hover in the air by flapping their wings dozens of times per second. This is actually how they get their name. The rapid flapping of their wings creates a humming sound when they are seemingly floating in mid-air.

Their rapid wing movement gives them the unique ability to fly backwards. No other bird species can do that.

Part of the reason they are able to do these amazing feats is their small size and light weight. Some species of humming birds weigh less than a single ounce.

Step 1

The guidelines for our hummingbird will be drawn first.

The head of the bird is just a circle. The body of the hummingbird will be a long oval attached to the circle.

Don’t worry about making either of these “perfect” since they are just guidelines and will be erased later.


Step 2

Next draw the guidelines for the wings and the tail feathers.

The wings will each be shaped differently from each other since we are seeing each from different sides. The larger wing will the the one of the left side of the humming bird. The smaller thinner one will be it’s right wing.

The guidelines for the tail feathers will be at the bottom of the body but jutting to the left.


Step 3

We have completed our guidelines and we can now erase them to make room for the final lines of our hummingbird drawing.

We will start at the head. The beak should be long and thin. The brow of the hummingbird is sloping up to the top of it’s head. Then the back of it’s head is round again.

The eye is just a circle. Draw a smaller circle in it to show light bouncing off it.


Step 4

Erase the guidelines for the body and wings. Draw the body, the very top curve of it’s left wing, and the two edges of it’s tail feathers. We will be filling in the empty space with lots of individual feathers.


Step 5

Begin halfway up the wing and begin drawing feathers stretching from mid-wing out the the very end. The tips of each feather should be meeting the guideline you drew earlier. Draw the feathers on the very end of the wing first then work your way back to the body.


Step 6

As the feathers get closer to the body they will be smaller. Leave more room near the underarm of the bird.


Step 7

Draw a row of smaller feathers above the larger row of feathers.


Step 8

Draw the tail feathers. These will be individual feathers just like those on the wings.


Step 9

Add a few details to the bird’s body. This line will stretch from the beak, down it’s head to the wing, and from the wing to the tail. This will be separating the feathers on the top it’s head and it’s back from the feathers on the bird’s underside.


Step 10

Draw a few layers of fluffy feathers below the beak.

Then draw some details on the bird’s tail feathers.


Step 11

Draw the second wing following the erased guidelines you drew in step 2 of How To Draw A Hummingbird. The feathers on this wing will be similar to the feathers you drew on the first.


All done! Congratulations on finishing the How To Draw A Hummingbird lesson!