How To Draw A Kitten

This tutorial will show you how to draw a kitten.

If there is one thing the internet can never have too much of it’s cats! In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a cute kitty cat.

how to draw a kitten

Kittens usually need the aid of their mother for the first several weeks of their lives. They will spend most of their waking hours playing with their mom or other kittens. Like most cats though they eventually become very independent and that is likely why so many people enjoy having cats as pets.

Step 1

The first thing we will do is draw guidelines for our cat’s body. None of these first lines will be part of our final drawing.

The head is kind of shaped like a turnip. It’s rounded at the top but comes to a point at the bottom.

We can add horizontal and vertical lines to make sure the eyes, nose, and mouth are placed correctly. These lines can be a a slight angle so that we can make the cat’s head leaning to the left. This gives our kitten a little more of a curious or playful look rather than making him appear stiff.


Step 2

Draw the guidelines for the cat’s body.

For this drawing you only need to draw her two front paws and part of one back paw.


Step 3

We can now begin erasing the guidelines we drew and replace them with what will be our final drawing. You may want to leave them slightly visible and draw over them.

Draw the kitten’s ears on both sides of her head.

Then draw the cat’s fur. By using haphazardly jagged lines we can make our kitten look fuzzy.


Step 4

Replace the rest of the guidelines with fur on your kitten drawing.


Step 5

Draw the kitten’s eyes, nose, and mouth. This is where the intersecting lines we drew earlier come in handy.

Draw the eyes as two circles but leave them slightly flat a the top. Place them in the middle of the head but leave enough room between them for another imaginary circle. The pupil’s of the cat’s eyes are shaped like footballs standing on their point. You can add a couple of extra circles in each eye to create the illusion of light bouncing off them.

The nose is shaped like a triangle with rounded corners.


Step 6

Draw fur inside each of the kitten’s ears.

Add a line of fur under her neck and on her chest. This will show that the hair is layered.

Also draw lines to her paws to separate her individual toes.


Step 7

Color in the cat’s pupils and nose. Make the lines around her eyes thick.


Step 8

Draw fur around the cat’s body. This makes her look extra fuzzy.


Step 9

Add a shadow under the cat and in each ear.

To finish up don’t forget to add her whiskers! This will be the last step of the How to Draw a Kitten lesson.


Congratulations on finishing the How To Draw A Kitten tutorial! To complete your drawing feel free to color it with colored pencil’s or markers.