How To Draw A Koi Fish

how to draw a koi fish

Step 1

Start off by drawing the fish’s body.

Part of this line will be erased as we move along. It’s mostly here so we can properly place the fins, tail, and face.


Step 2

Draw the edges of the fins.

This koi fish has a tail fin, dorsal fin on his back, and a pectoral fins on each of side.

All the details will be drawn in later steps. Just draw the edges for now. It’s easier to show you how to draw the fins an all the folds in them one at a time.+


Step 3

Draw the ends of each fin. You can draw these in a single haphazardly curving and jagged lines.


Step 4

Draw lines from the very ends of the fins toward the body. This creates folds in the fish’s fins.


Step 5

Draw the face.

Draw a line to separate the head from the rest of the body. His mouth is a simple curved line. Draw a small jaw below it. Each side of the mouth has a whisker. Draw an extra line near the side of his head to show the gills.


Step 6

Draw the scales.Start at the head and work your way back toward the fin.

koi fish drawing

Step 7

Time to finish up the drawing by adding any last minute details.

Koi fish are known for being colorful so color your drawing using your favorite medium.

koi fish drawing

Congratulations on finishing your drawing!

Did you like the tutorial? I hope so. Please leave any comments or feedback in the comments section below. The comments section also allows image posting so please post your drawing for me and all the other readers to see.