How to Draw A Lotus Flower

In this tutorial we will learn how to draw a lotus flower!

Lotus flowers have the Latin name nelumbo nucifera. They are native to tropical parts of Asia. Lotus flowers are sometimes referred to as water lillies but those happen to be an entirely different breed of flower.

Lotus drawing

While researching this tutorial I actually found that lotuses I found that they are actually amazing plants. The seeds from these plants last for a ridiculously long time.

The longest known is when a lotus flower was grown from a see that was over 1,300 years old. Not only that the actual plant can live for over a thousand years!

Enough plant facts though. Let’s draw!

Step 1

The easiest way to draw a lotus flower is to start from the center and work your way out. First draw the pistil. This is the part of the flower that helps in pollination.

Just draw an oval with two lines sloping down and in from the edges. We are not going to be able to see the bottom of the pistil.


Step 2

We’re going to draw a lot of leaves around our lotus flower. I decided to put one partially covering the pistil. I like this because i shows that some of the petals are slopping up from the center.

You don’t need to draw each individual petal like I did here though. You can make the drawing your own and draw the petals however you like them.


Step 3

Now draw the stamen. This part of the flower helps to spread the pollen. Just draw a bunch of tiny little hairs growing out from below the pistil. It will look a little like a bird’s nest at the end.


Step 4

Now we can begin adding more leaves. I chose to draw a few on the sides here. You can draw your petals in any shape or size that you like.


Step 5

These petals look like they are curling in at the top. Almost like they are partially wilted. I like this look.


Step 6

Draw some of them under the petals that are already there. This makes it look like there are a few layers of petals.

Each new layer of leaves goes “under” the previous. The layers of leaves closest to the center cover the ones behind them


Step 7


Step 8


Step 9

Draw the final leaves and then draw the stem below it.

lotus flow drawing

Step 10

To finish up erase any stray pencil lines. You can also ink your drawing then color it using your favorite medium.

Lotus flow line drawing

Congratulations on finishing the How To Draw A Lotus Flower tutorial! As always I encourage you to share your drawings with me! Please show them to me on Facebook and Twitter!