How To Draw A Penguin

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a penguin.

This a cartoon penguin. It’s a simple tutorial and should be manageable by just about everybody regardless of skill level. Sometimes it’s just fun to draw a cartoon version of something rather than focus on heavy realism.

how to draw a penguin

Penguins cannot fly of course. Their wings have evolved into flippers for swimming. On land they are slow animals waddling from place to place but in the water they are extremely fast and graceful.

Their black and white coloring is for camouflage in the water. If a predator (like a seal) is in the water with them they look down into the deep water their black backs help the penguins to blend into their dark surroundings so they don’t stand out.

Their white bellies help them to blend in with the bright areas of the water. If a predator is below them in the water and looks up the sun is shinning down into the water. Their white bellies then help them to blend in with their bright surroundings.

Most people think of penguins living in only cold temperatures. While it’s true many live in Antartica penguins can also live in warm climates. Penguins can be found in southern Africa and as far north as the Galapagos Islands.

Step 1

Draw an egg shape. This will be the outline of our penguin’s body.


Step 2

Draw the penguin’s eyes.

The pupils of his eyes will have a small white circle in the upper left. This is to show light reflecting off his eyes and makes our drawing look extra cute.


Step 3

Draw the beak. Then draw an oval on his belly marking the part of his body that will remain white.


Step 4

Draw the penguin’s wings and feet.


Step 5

Finish up your drawing by coloring your penguin in your favorite medium.


Congratulations on finishing the how to draw a penguin tutorial?

How does it look? I would love to see your drawing and I’m sure the other readers would as well. Please post your drawing in the comments section below and also feel free to share any comments or feedback you may have.

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