How To Draw A Pig

This article will teach you how to draw a pig! Pig’s are generally regarded as dirty and sometimes dangerous animals. To many peoples’ surprise pigs can actually be quite clean under certain conditions and have become somewhat popular as pets among some people. Though that is still rare. Can we all just agree that a baby piglet can be really cute?

how to draw a pig

This is a simple step-by-step tutorial and should be simple enough for just about everyone of any artistic skill level.

There are only a few steps in this tutorial and most of them are very simple. Just have fun with it and try to add your own unique spin to the drawing.

Step 1

The first step is to draw the guidelines for your pig. These will help us to put everything where we want it. These lines will be replaced later.

His body is just a long slanted oval. The head will be slightly slimmer in the middle where the eyes go than at the top and bottom.

Put some crosshairs on the head so you can properly place the eyes and snout.


Step 2

Now begin erasing the guidelines so you can lay down the lines that will be part of your final drawing.

Draw his head. Draw two big ears extending out of each side of his head.


Step 3

Place the eyes, snout, and mouth on the pig’s head. The eyes of the pig will be near the edge of the lines you drew for the head. That’s because pigs’ eyes are on the side of their head like dear or an elephant. They are not at the front of his face like a fox or a human.


Step 4

Draw the pigs body. Add a little extra bump on his rear. This is to show his hips.


Step 5

Draw the pig’s legs and hooves. His front legs will be a little thinner than the back legs.

Add a small thin tail to his rear.


Congratulations on finishing the How to Draw A Pig tutorial! Now that you have finished it color it using your favorite medium.

pig line drawing