How To Draw A Rose

This tutorial is on how to draw a rose and it’s stem.

How to draw a rose.

I have broken the drawing process of this tutorial down into several steps since the petals of the rose have many layers and may appear intricate. We will begin by drawing the bulb of the rose then move onto the stem and leaves.

Step 1

First draw two lines curving away from each other. These will form the edge of the outermost petals.


Step 2

Draw waving lines curving around what you just drew. These will be the very edge of the petals folding over themselves.


Step 3

Draw the underside of the rose. This will be the bulb of the rose.


Step 4

Draw the edge of some of the inner petals.


Step 5

Then draw the part of the petal that is folding over itself.


Step 6

Add more petals at the top. These will be the highest point on the rose.


Step 7

Add more petals to the rose. These will be the innermost petals.


Step 8

Draw the final details of the inner petals.

rose bud

Step 9

Now that we have completed the bulb of the rose we can draw the stem and leaves. First we will draw the leaves that rest directly under the bulb. Draw these curved lines just to begin. These will only represent one edge of the leaves.


Step 10

Draw the other edge of the leaves.

Rose bud drawing

Step 11

Draw the stem. The stem is just two parallel lines jutting down from the bulb. Draw them changing angles a they go down.


Step 12

The groups of leaves coming from the main stem will be attached to smaller stems. Draw two leaves attached to each smaller stems. They will be shaped like tear drops.


Step 13

Draw the spine and veins of each leaf.


Step 14

This step is optional. You can erase small parts of the larger stem and add thorns to the rose stem.


Step 15

You can trace all your pencil lines with black ink. This gives it a much more professional finish. Erase any stray pencil lines after inking

Rose ink drawing

Fantastic work completing the How to Draw A Rose tutorial! You can now color your rose with markers or colored pencils.