How To Draw Aeris From Final Fantasy VII

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Aeris from Final Fantasy VII.

Aeris is the doomed heroine of Final Fantasy VII. She originally appeared when the game was released in 1997. She later appeared again in the game Kingdom Hearts in 2002 with a redesigned outfit. It’s nearly the same except she is not wearing a jacket.

how to draw Aeris

I decided to use the redesigned outfit for this tutorial. If you member the game Aeris was a flower seller. She would grow flowers in her church and her backyard. I decided to draw her in this tutorial picking flowers.

Step 1

The first thing is to draw a few guidelines for Aeris’s body. Draw a few guidelines on her face so ti’s easier to correctly place her eyes, nose, and mouth. All these lines will be erased in later steps.

Only draw the top of her legs. Aeris is sitting down in this picture. We won’t see her lower legs because they are bent away from us.


Step 2

Now begin erasing the guidelines so we can lay down the final lines of our drawing. Draw her face. The character’s were designed in an anime style and that’s the way I chose to draw Aeris here.


Step 3

Draw her torso, arms, and legs. We will erase some of these lines when we draw the details of her clothing later in step 5 of How to Draw Aeris.


Step 4

Draw her hands.

Her right hand is picking a flower from the ground. Her left hand will be holding a few flowers she has already plucked. Take you time with this part. Hands can be very difficult to draw. Don’t forget to draw the bracelet on left arm.

Draw part of her foot poking out from behind her knee. This is the only foot we will draw in this picture.


Step 5

Now draw the details of her dress. Add the folds of her clothing at her hips. Also draw the loose belt she wears.


Step 6

Draw her hair. I have divided the hair into two parts so it’s easier to see. The first part of her hair is her bangs were are rising up from her head then cascading down over her face.


Draw curls of hair stretching down in front of each ear. Behind her head is a thick rope of braided hair falling behind her. Also add a single wing of the bow in her hair.


Step 7

Add a few last minute details to her outfit. Draw the necklace tied around her neck with a knot. Also draw the lining of her dress and a few buttons going down her front. Add a few details to her belt.


Step 8

To finish up, draw a few flowers in her left hand. Draw a single flower being plucked from the ground with her right.


aeris line drawing

Congratulations on finishing the How To Draw Aeris tutorial! If you would like feel free to color your masterpiece using markers, colored pencils, or your favorite picture editing program.