How To Draw Ash Ketchum From Pokémon!

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Ash Ketchum from Pokémon!

Ash (known as Satoshi in Japan) is the lead character of the Pokémon cartoon and game franchise by Nintendo. His catch phrase “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” has become synonymous with the ridiculously successful game and cartoon series.

How to draw Ash Ketchum.

Ash was named after Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri. The character was drawn by the artists to be a child-like version of Tajiri and represent the human aspect of franchise whose main focus was on tiny battling monsters.

In the anime series Ash’s dream was to become the worlds greatest Pokémon Master. What is a Pokémon Master you ask? Nintendo never fully explained that in any of the games or cartoons but it does sound kind of cool dontcha think?

I’ve never played the Pokémon but I can respect how incredibly popular and enduring the games have been. After a nearly 20 year success it’s obvious that this that the love for this series isn’t just a typical fad.

Step 1

To begin we will draw guidelines for our ash. These will not be permanent parts of our drawing. We will sketch these just so we can get an idea of the pose we are making for our character. In this drawing Ash is going to be jumping in the air victoriously whilst holding his Pokéball.


Step 2

Now that we have our guidelines we can begin drawing his body. Remember Ash is just a kid so we don’t want to give him a big muscular body otherwise he will look too old. We are drawing his body here but many of these lines will be erased as well as we begin drawing the clothes on his body.


Step 3

Now lets draw Ash Ketchum’s face. Draw crosshairs on his face so we can properly place his eyes, nose and mouth. Draw his cheek and chin. This is an manga style drawing so all of his features will be quite exaggerated.


Step 4

Draw those big wacky anime eyes. His nose can just be small and pointy. Draw him smiling victoriously. We will add his eyebrows later.


Step 5

Now we can add Ash’s signature baseball cap, his eyes, and messy hair. When you draw the brim of his cap you can then draw his eyebrows and some hair falling between them.


Step 6

Erase the original stick figure guidelines you draw in step 1. They aren’t needed anymore. You can also erase the crosshairs on his face.

Step 7

Ash wears a short sleeved jacket that is left unzipped. Draw it flying open. Remember to draw the wide collar around his neck.


Step 8

We will draw the Pokéball before we draw Ash Ketchum’s hands. it will be easier that way. Just draw part of his glove and a circle above it.


Step 9

Draw the rest of his hand and his fingers wrapped around his Pokéball. Draw his other gloved hand on his left arm as well.


Step 10

Draw Ash Ketchum’s clothes. He wears a simple v-neck shirt tucked into his pants. Draw a line across his belly to show the folds in the clothing.

Draw his belt and the rest o his pants and the part rolled up at his ankles.


Step 11

Draw his shoes on each of his feet. His feet will be disproportionately large. I think this helps to make him look more like a little boy.


Step 12

Now that we have drawn everything we can begin erasing all the lines of his body that we drew in step 2. Most of these lines are not necessary because they are covered up by his clothing.

Ash Ketchum pencil drawing

Step 13

You can ink your drawing for a more professional look and erase all the pencil lines of your drawing.

Ash Ketchum pen and ink drawing

Now that you can done all that you can color your drawing in your favorite medium. Please share you drawing with me on Twitter or Facebook. I love seeing everybody’s drawings.