How To Draw Cartman From South Park

This lesson is on how to draw Cartman.

If you’re a fan of South Park you know Eric Cartman. He’s a fat, racist, self-centered, intolerant, manipulating sociopath (as Kyle puts it) but he’s also one of the funniest characters in television history! In this tutorial I will show you how to draw Cartman so he looks just like he does on his show.


Eric is my favorite South Park character and I think drawing him angry and yelling really does capture the demeanor of the character.

Step 1

We will begin by drawing a few guidelines for Cartman. These lines will be erased as we move forward.

First draw a horizontal and vertical line crossing each other at their centers. The horizontal line is 5 units long and the vertical is 4 units long.

The unit of measurement can be anything you like. So if you decide to make the unit 2 centimeters then the horizontal line is 10 centimeters and the vertical line will be 8. Just make sure these two lines cross at the center.

These lines will be used to measure the height and width Cartman’s head.


Step 2

Now extend the bottom of the vertical line by 2 units. So again, if your unit is 2 centimeters you will extend the vertical line by 2 centimeters making the vertical line 10 centimeters now.


Step 3

Draw an oval. Top and bottom of the oval will cross the original vertical lines we drew. The far left and right edges of the oval will meet the very ends of the horizontal guideline we drew.


Step 4

Draw a horizontal line at the very bottom of the vertical line. The length of this line will be the same as the width of the head.


Step 5

Erase the guidelines from your Cartman drawing. Leave the oval and the bottom horizontal line.


Step 6

If we measure the height of the head the eyes will be placed in the middle third. If you measure from left to right they will take up about 50% of the length.

The eyes will be two ovals touching each other. They will be at an angle with their bottoms leaning away from each other.

Place two dots for pupils.


Step 7

Draw Cartman’s hat. The brim should be placed just above each eye. Draw the poof ball at the top of the hat.


Step 8

Draw Cartman’s two extra chins. The width of the bottom chin should be greater than the width of the eyes and curve with the bottom of his head. Draw the higher chin as a much shorter line.


Step 9

I decided to make Cartman angry and shouting in the picture so I drew his eyebrows sloping down and his mouth open and frowning. You can draw him with a different facial expression if you like. If you want to make him look happy you can draw a smile and skip drawing the eyebrows.


Step 10

We have finished drawing his head. Now we will move onto his lower body.

Draw two lines beginning at the edges of the bottom sloping line and leaning out. Keep these lines short.


Step 11

Draw a crooked uneven line to create the bottom of Cartman’s coat.

Draw his shoulders


Step 12

Draw his hands. Cartman wears mittens so you don’t have to draw each individual finger except for his thumb which is just a bump going inward toward his body.


Step 13

Draw the seam of the coat slightly off-center to the right. Add three dots for buttons.

Draw the bottom of the coat attaching to the mittens.


Step 14

Draw Cartman’s shoes. The shoes will be very short and flat at the bottom of the character. Don’t bother adding detail to them.


Step 15

To finish up make his shoes and his mouth black. You can also do this with a black pen and also ink the rest of the drawing.


Congratulations on completing the How Draw Cartman tutorial! Now that you have finished drawing him feel free to color him using markers or colored pencils.