How To Draw Gandalf From Lord Of The Rings

This is Part 2 of of a 3-part series on drawing characters from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

How to draw Gandalf from Lord of the Rings.

Would you like to learn how to draw Gandalf from Lord of the Rings? Of course you would! He’s everyone’s favorite wizard (with the exception of maybe Dumbledore, but that’s another tutorial for another time).

Gandalf is one of the main characters in the Lord of The Rings books and movie series where he was played by actor Ian Mckellen. He is the wise old sage who helps Frodo and the gang defeat the evil forces of Sauran. He’s a lovable old man but can be a bit stern at times.

The tutorial is tutorial may be moderately difficult for beginning artists. Partly because of the clothing and facial features. Take your time and I’m sure you will do well. Let’s begin!

Step 1

Like all of our tutorials we will begin by drawing the guidelines for Gandalf’s body. These lines will not be part of our final drawing. They are merely to help us know what position his body is in. These guidelines will be gradually erased as we draw Gandalf. Most of his body will eventually be covered in his long grey robes.


Step 2

In this tutorial we will be drawing Gandalf’s clothing from the waist down. Then we will draw his upper body and head. It’s a little different from most of the drawing tutorials on this site but I think this is the easiest way to draw his flowing robes.

Draw Gandalf’s belt. It has a loop but then is tied with a granny knot in the middle of his waist.


Step 3

Is Gandalf wearing a dress? NO! It’s a wizard’s robe and I assure you it’s a very manly! Why do wizards always wear a robe? Can’t one of them just wear a t-shirt and jeans just once?

That’s entirely beside the point. Draw Gandalf’s robe. The lines from his robe should flow out from below his bellt. The robe should expand as it get’s closer to his feet. The very bottom of the robe will be indicated with a wavy line to show the wrinkles. Draw a few more lines going from his belt down to show all the creases and wrinkles in his robe.


Step 4

Draw the shoes peeking out from under the robe. Where would our Gandalf be without his pair of kicks?


Step 5

Now it’s time to draw the upper part of Gandalf’s clothes. Like his lower half it will be full of wrinkles and folds. The folds should start at his belt and go up. Don’t make them go all the way to his shoulders or neck though. We need to save room for his cap and also his long beard.

Draw Gandalf’s left arm and hand. The folds in this will be a little more complicated because they will not be all straight going in the same general direction. These folds are to show that Gandalf’s robe is falling and curving around his arm as it is stretched out.


Step 6

Le’ts zoom in and draw Gandalf’s face. The cross hairs on the head of our stick figure are there to help us place his features in the right spot. Draw Gandalf’s eyes and nose place on the guidelines.

Gandalf is an old man. To show this we will draw add a few lines to show his wrinkles.


Step 7

Gandalf has a long white beard and long hair. Gandalf’s beard is always just a little unkempt so feel free to draw it with a few messy lines along its edges to show that. Don’t draw the top of his head because we will be drawing his hat in the next step.


Step 8

Gandalf’s coolest feature is definitely his hat! It really screams wizard! 😀

The hat has a very wide brim. The very top is a long curving shape that falls bad behind him.


Step 9

Flowing robe? Check! Long beard? Check!

What does our wizard need now? His magic staff!

I find it easiest to draw Gandalf’s hand first. Then draw the staff passing through it. The very top of the staff has twisting branches that wrap around a crystal. Draw wavy lines up the length of the staff to show the grain of the wood.


Step 10

Draw the right arm. His robe will be draped around it just like his left.


Step 11

I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure every character in Lord of the Rings wears a cape at some point.

The cape is the very last thing we will draw on Gandalf. Draw it a few folds of it on each of his shoulders. Then let is fall down behind him.


Step 12

Erase any remaining guidelines that might be present. Clean up anything that you are not happy with. Congratulation on your drawing of Gandalf! Now color it using your favorite medium.

Gandalf line drawing