How to Draw Gollum From Lord of the Rings

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on drawing characters from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy

How to draw Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

This tutorial is on how to draw Gollum from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I have tried to draw him resembling his appearance in the Peter Jackson Movies.

I have always thought of Gollum as a tragic character. I don’t think he was necessarily a bad person. He was just a fool who was enchanted by the One Ring. Even Frodo Baggins, the hero of LotR, is brainwashed by the ring just as he is about to destroy it Mount Doom. I was heart-broken by Gollum’s deception in The Two Towers and Return of the King. In the end his desire for the One Ring is what led to his doom.

Step 1

Like all of the tutorials on this site the first step to draw Gollum is to lay in a few guidelines for our drawing. These of course will not be a part of our final drawing. They will erased as we go along. They are only the framework so the rest of Gollum’s body is easier to draw.

I have divided the guidelines into part A and part B. I was afraid the lines might look a little confusing to readers. Now you can easily see what lines are for Gollum’s arms and what are for his legs.

You will want to erase these guidelines as you draw.


Step 2

After you have put down your guidelines, draw Gollum’s head. It will be easiest to draw his nose, eyes, and mouth before adding other details.


Step 3

Draw the details of Gollum’s face. These will be the wrinkles around his mouth, eyes, and forehead. Keep in mind that Gollum is a few hundred years old.

Remember to draw Gollum’s ears. They are big and pointy like a hobbit’s.


Step 4

Now you can draw his torso and arms.

Gollum was always a scrawny thin creature. I guess there wasn’t much to eat up in the mountains where he lived. draw his body very thin and lanky. When I rewatched The Two Towers recently Gollum seemed to have larger than normal hands so I decided to draw then slightly larger than they would normally be here.


Step 5

Draw Gollum’s legs.

Gollum’s left leg is coming toward us so we will not see much of his upper leg. Draw his legs extra large like his hands.


Step 6

Draw his loincloth and add a few last details.

The only clothes Gollum wears is his tattered loincloth. Then finish up your drawing with some details to his body and a few strands of hair falling from this head.


Step 7

If you were drawing in pencil you could complete your drawing by tracing the lines with ink. Finally, color your Gollum picture and share it with your friends and family!

I also would love to see your drawing. Please share it with me on Facebook or Twitter!

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