How To Draw Grumpy Cat

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Grumpy Cat. You have probably seen this cat meme around the internet. The cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce and she is known for her comically grumpy expression. This facial expression is due to feline dwarfism. Despite her appearance her owner Tabatha Bundesen says the cat actually has a calm and friendly personality.

how to draw grumpy cat

There are lots of cats on the internet but Grumpy cat is probably the most well known by far. How do we get started on drawing the worlds most famous cat?

Well, we pretty much just draw a regular cat with a very angry face! Pretty actually.

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Step 1

First we will start off by drawing guidelines for the body. These lines are only temporary and will be erased as we move along with our drawing.

We will be drawing her sitting down on her hind legs. Draw crosshairs on her head so you can properly place her facial features.


Step 2

Time to draw the most striking part of her appearance: the eyes! We want to make these eyes look mean. Draw half circles with a diagonal line at the tope. Draw her pupils and a little light bouncing off her eyeball.


Step 3

Grumpy Cat has a lot of hair around her eyes. Draw steads of hair jutting out around her. These will resemble eyebrow and help to bring out her expression.


Step 4

Draw Grumpy Cat’s pouty mouth. Cat’s noses are quite small. Draw her snout and the whiskers jutting out from each site.


Step 5

Draw her head and ears. This cat is particularly fluffy so draw the side of her head with randomly jagged lines to show all the fur she has.

Draw her ears on each side of her head just above her eyebrows.


Step 6

Sketch the chest and her front legs. These will all be covered with fur just like her head. Draw each foot with three toes.


Step 7

Draw her back hip. Drawing this on the ground will show that she is sitting. Draw only one of her hind paws.


Step 8

Draw her big fluffy tail falling down behind her.


Step 9

Erase any guidelines that are still present. These aren’t needed anymore.

grumpy cat sketch

Congratulations on completing the How To Draw Grumpy Cat tutorial. Now that you have finished you can ink your drawing if you did it in pencil. Also color it with your favorite medium. And please do share your drawing with me on Facebook or Twitter. I love to see your drawings!