How to Draw Link From The Legend of Zelda

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Link.

Link is the hero of the popular Nintendo game series Legend of Zelda. The series has had 16 games and has sold over 67.93 million copies since the series originally appeared for the NES in 1986.

How to draw Link from Zelda.

I want to show you how to draw this unique and memorable character. Let’s begin!

Step 1

The first thing we’ll do is draw a few guidelines for Link.

These guidelines will make the details of his face, body, and clothes easier to draw later. We will erase these lines and build on top of them in later steps.

Draw the head as a circle and add a chin to it. Then draw cross hairs down the middle of his face and across where his eyes will be.

These will help us to place his facial features in the proper position without making his face look lopsided.


Step 2

Then draw the guidelines for his right arm, his hips and his legs. This How To Draw Link tutorial does not have his left arm in the picture since it is hidden by his shield. If you like you can forgo drawing the shield and draw his left arm in the picture.


Step 3

Now that we have our guidelines in place we can begin drawing them and replace them with the final lines of our Link drawing. Draw link’s mouth, nose, and eyes. Use the guidelines you drew in Step 1 of How to Draw Link to place these in the correct position.

Link is a member of the elf-like Hylian race so draw his ears point and jutting out. This is one of Link’s most distinct features.


Step 4

Draw a few locks of hair falling over link’s forehead. Then draw his cap covering the top of his head and falling behind him.

Draw the neck and shirt collar.


Step 5

The sleeves of Link’s shirt are short and end midway down his bicep.

Draw the strap going across his chest. This is the strap that holds his sword sheath on his back. Draw the belt buckle in the middle of his chest.


Step 6

Now draw Link’s right arm and the outline of his shield.

The sleeve on his right arm has folds in it right where his arms bends. Draw his gloves stretching up to his elbow. His hand can be drawn in a fist since we will add a sword to it. We will draw that later.

Draw the belt and it’s buckle on his waistline.


Step 7

Link’s shirt hem stretches down below his belt and ends at his hips.

Draw his pants with a few folds at his knees. You can also draw a line down the pants to indicate the stitching in them.

Draw Link’s boots. These are the old-timey leather kind that have a lot of loose leather. These give him more character.


Step 8

Now draw the sword in his right hand. You can draw this sword in any variety of styles that you choose.

Draw in the details of Link’s shield.


Step 9

Link’s shield is very distinct and I have chosen to include a close up here so it’s easier to draw.

Link's sheild

To finish up erase any remaining stray pencil lines or guidelines that are still there. You can also use ink pens to go over your pencil lines.

Link from Zelda line drawing.

Congratulations on finishing the How To Draw Link tutorial! Great job! Feel free to also color it with colored pencils, markers, or a drawing program.

Link Drawing