How To Draw Manny From Ice Age

This is Part 3 of a 4-part series on drawing characters from Ice Age.

How to draw Manny from Ice Age

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Manny from the Ice Age movie series.

Manny is the most serious and emotional of the Ice Age characters. He can sometimes appear solemn but is definitely one of the most sincere. This tutorial will show you how to draw Manny.

Step 1

Draw the guidelines for Manny’s head and tusks.

Just draw a circle for his head. It doesn’t need to be a perfect circle since we will be erasing it later. Draw a line through the top third of it so you can place his eyes in level with each other.

His tusks will each be two lines curling around. Both tusks will be drawn different from each other since they are each being viewed from different angles and with perspective.


Step 2

Erase the previous guidelines so they are just barely visible. I have turned the guidelines grey in this picture.

Draw the top of Manny’s head, his ears, and eyes.

Draw manny’s eyes with a flat bottom. This will make him appear to be smiling.


Step 3

Draw Manny’s tusks. The tusk closest to use will appear to be shaped different from the other because it is foreshortened.


Step 4

Manny’s legs can be drawn to make him look furry. After all he is a woolly mammoth.

Draw three toes on each foot.


Step 5

Draw Manny’s back leg. This will only be partly visible and it is only necessary to draw one hind leg.


Step 6

Manny has a short but thick tail with a poof of hair on the end.

The hair on the very top of his head rises up then seems to fall down over itself


Step 7

Erase any remaining guidelines and clean up any lines that are a little messy.

Manny Ice Age line drawing


You have completed the How to Draw Manny From Ice Age lesson. Now that you have finished you can color your drawing with your choice of medium.