How To Draw Pikachu

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Want to know how to draw Pikachu? You’ve come to the right place!

I must admit I have never played any of the Pokémon games but I can definitely respect the massive empire of games and television that it has spawned. The sheer devotion of the fan base is amazing to say the least.

how to draw Pikachu

Pokémon is of course the successful Nintendo franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri. the games originally appeared on the Game Boy console but then spread to trading cases, movies and TV, toys, and ever other type of merchandising you can think of.

Today it is one of the most successful video game franchises ever to exist. One of the most recognizable characters from Pokémon is the little yellow creature known as Pikachu. Today I will walk you through how to draw him.

Step 1

Draw Pikachu’s head.

For now we just want to draw the outline then add all the facial details later. His head will be a wider at the bottom than it is at the top. The middle of it should be squeezed in a little.

Draw crosshairs horizontally and vertically so we you can properly place his mouth and eyes.


Step 2

The bod is an unusual shape. It expands from the head (with no neck) and is wider at the bottom than the top.


Step 3

I have always thought of Pikachu as a odd cross between a rabbit and a cat. One of the things that is distinctly rabbit-like is his ears. Draw Pikachu’s ears on both sides of his head. They have darks ends that can be colored in black.


Step 4

The arms are very simple. Forget everything you know about anatomy here. I decided to draw his arm waving but you can change this for your own drawing if you like. His hand is drawn very simply as paws with little jagged bumps at the ends for fingers.


Step 5

His eyes are simple black circles. Draw a little a white spot in the upper left of each eye. This shows light reflecting off his eyes and makes his look cuter.

His noes is a simple rounded triangular shape. Kind of like what you would find on a cat or a rabbit.

Draw his smiling mouth and the tongue on the inside.

His cheeks have red circles on them. Draw them on the far ends of his face.


Step 6

Draw Pikachu’s tail. It’s a very odd jagged shape that gets much wider at the end. It’s alms like a flag and is one of the characters most distinguishing features.

Draw his feat at the bottom of his body. No need to draw any legs.


Step 7

If you want you can draw a Pokéball beside Pikachu. Not entirely necessary but I just thought it looked cool. 😀


Step 8

Clean up your drawing. Erase the cross hair lines at this face and lines that separate this body from his arms. One thing I noticed when researching this drawing is that few artists draw Pikachu with a chin. So I chose to erase his chin here. It better shows that his head is connected directly to his body.

Pikachu pencil drawing

Step 9

If you did this drawing in pencil you may want to use an ink pen to make it look a little more professional.

Color your drawing using your favorite medium.

Pickachu drawing

Congratulations on drawing Pikachu! I always love to see the drawings of my readers.