How To Draw Scrat From Ice Age

This is Part 4 of a 4-part series on drawing characters from Ice Age.

How to draw Scrat from Ice Age.

This lesson is on how to draw Scrat from the Ice Age movies.

Scrat is the cute/ugly saber-toothed squirrel. He is a fan favorite of the series because of the ridiculous and dangerous situations he continually finds himself in.

In this tutorial I will be showing how to draw this hard luck hero who is always desperately chasing after acorns.

Step 1

We will start by drawing a few guidelines for Scrat. These guidelines will be erased later so draw them lightly.

Draw two ovals but make the top one bigger than the bottom one. These will help us to create his body.


Step 2

Draw the guidelines for his snout and cheeks.


Step 3

We will now begin replacing these guidelines with the final lines of our drawing.

Draw “hairy” lines on Scrat’s snout. Remember to add a nose and nostrils to the tip. Make the fur on his cheeks especially messy.


Step 4

Draw the rest of his jaw. Add two big saber teeth at the very end of his snout.

Draw his eyes. Make the one on the left smaller than the right.


Step 5

Add the cornea and pupils to each eye. Draw a curved line above each eye to create eyelids.


Step 6

Draw the very top of Scrat’s head. Draw the ears as well


Step 7

Now we will move on from the head to the body.

Replace the oval guidelines with the final lines for his body. Make the fur on his body a little messy just like on his head.

Draw his arms reaching forward from his body so he can hold an acorn.

Leave room at the bottom of his body for his legs.


Step 8

Draw the acorn. Scrat is a small animal so you can make the acorn large in comparison to his body.

Draw his legs hands and feet. Each of his feet has only three toes. His hand only has three fingers and no thumb.


Step 9

Draw his tail. The tail will be full of very messy hairy. Feel free to draw his tail curving and bending any way you want.

Add crisscrossing lines at the top of the acorn to show it’s texture.

Also draw lines running down his body separating the different colors of his fur.

Scrat pencil drawing.

Congratulations on finishing the How To Draw Scrat From Ice Age lesson! Now that you have completed it feel free to color it in your choice of medium.