How To Draw Sid From Ice Age

This is Part 1 of a 4-part series on drawing characters from Ice Age.

How to draw Sid from Ice Age.

This tutorial is on how to draw Sid from Ice Age films. Sid is a clumsy, fast-talking sloth who is quite the sharpest knife in drawer.

Step 1

Like all of our tutorials we begin by drawing guidelines. These will be erased later so don’t don’t draw them too dark.

These first lines will help use draw Sid’s torso and hips. Draw a an irregular oval shape and another round shape sitting on top of it.


Step 2

Next draw the guidelines for his arms, legs, and head.

Sloth has a long neck so make his head high above his body. The guidelines for the head will be a triangle with rounded corners.

Sloth’s arms will be thinner at his shoulders but get wider closer to his hands.

Draw guidelines for his legs. They will be bent.


Step 3

Now that all of our guidelines are laid out we can draw the final pencil lines.

Start with the torso follow the outline the guidelines made. Notice Sid’s hips and belly are larger than his upper body. Draw a few jagged lines to indicate the fur on his body.


Step 4

Draw Sid’s arms and neck. Again, follow the guidelines you laid out earlier. Draw a few jagged lines on his arms to show his fur.

Sid’s neck will be thicker at his shoulders but get thinner at this head.


Step 5

Sid’s head is wide with a flat forehead. Draw two bulges on either side of his head where his eyes will be placed.


Step 6

Draw his eyes and nose. Make his nose just a little off-center.


Step 7

Draw Sid’s smile. Draw a thin lower lip. And don’t forget his buck teeth!


Step 8

Now add his eyebrows. This will just be lines that start from the outside most of his head and curve up. The top of Sid’s head is slightly darker than the rest of his fur so add a few lines to indicate that.


Step 9

Draw Sid’s hands and fingers. Each hand has four fingers including the thumb.


Step 10

Erase the last of the guidelines and replace them with the final lines for his legs. Draw his feet with three claws on each foot.


Step 11

To finish draw a line the fur on his back from the fur on his face and body. These lines start at his nose and stretch down his neck, then chest, down to his lower belly.

Draw a scruffy tail swinging behind him.

Sid from Ice Age

Congratulations finishing the How to Draw Sid From Ice Age lesson!