How To Draw Spider-Man

This lesson will teach you how to draw Spider-Man! Spider-Man: the flagship character of Marvel Comics and beloved superhero of people the world over. In this tutorial I will be showing you how you can draw Spider-Man in a few simple steps.

how to draw spider-man

I think we all know the story of how nerdy Peter Parker became a superhero after being bitten by a radioactive spider. How could you not? They made two movies about the exact same thing!

Step 1

Before we draw our final Spider-Man we will draw the guidelines for his body. These will serve as the foundation for our final drawing. We will erase these lines and replace them in later steps.

First draw the head.

Draw a line going down the length of the head and another across it. The horizontal lines will be curved and be placed just a little further than half way down the head. This is to show that Spider-Man’s forehead is leaning toward the viewer. These lines will help us to place Spider-Man’s eyes on his mask.


Step 2

Draw the guidelines for his chest


Step 3

Then draw the guidelines for his arms and legs.


Step 4

Now that we have drawn all the guidelines we can replace them with the lines that will make up our final drawing. You may want to leave them slightly visible so that you use them to place the final lines.

Remove the guidelines for the head, chest, and arms. Draw the arms as seen below. Pay special attention to the curves of the lines behind his back and on his arms. These are the muscles of his body.


Step 5

Draw both his hands. His right hand is a fist so we can draw him holding a web string later. His left is in the classic pose he makes before shooting webs.

You can click on the image below to see a larger version of the drawing.


Step 6

Erase the rest of the guidelines and draw his legs. Part of the right leg is not visible because it s bent away from us and is foreshortened.


Step 7

Draw Spider-Man’s eyes. Use the guidelines you drew earlier to place them evenly on the head. You can draw these as tear drop shapes with a slight point at the center of his head. These will be the white part of the eyes on his mask.


Step 8

Then draw the lines around the white part. This will create the black border around his eyes that we will fill in later


Step 9

Draw the details of his costume. This is to separate the blue part of his costume from the red parts. Draw the belt going around his waist. Then the red part that tapers up from his belt to his shoulders and goes down his arms.

Draw a single curved line around his lower right leg to show his shoe.


Step 10

Now it’s time for the really fun part of drawing Spider-Man: the web!

We will first start by drawing the webbing on the head. Draw lines beginning right between his eyes and then spreading out as they go to the top and bottom of his head. You can think of these as the support lines of the head.

Also draw the spider on his chest.


Step 11

Draw lines going down his chest. The lines should stop before they reach the spider symbol on his chest.


Step 12

Draw the rest of the lines on his arms and lower legs.

The lines on his hands should be circling around each finger.


Step 13

Now draw the spiraling web between each support line. These lines should curve down toward the center of Spider-Man’s face.


Step 14

Draw the rest of the webbing spiraling around his face.


Step 15

Draw the webbing going down his face and shoulder. These spiraling webs should curve up toward his head.

Please not that the webs stop and leave space for the spider emblem.


Step 16

Draw the rest of the spiraling webbing on his arms and legs. Again, it will all curve up toward his head.


Step 17

Now we can draw the web string he is swinging from. First draw the line that is extending from the top

of his hand and going up to the right. Then draw the rest of the web in loops.


Step 18

Draw another line parallel to each of the web strings you just drew.


Step 19

Now we can draw the loose strands and loops around the web string. This is to make the web look like more than just a rope. These show it is something that is organic and makes the web more interesting.


Step 20

Draw the rest of the loops. around the web string.

Also color the area around his eyes and the spider emblem black.

Spider-Man pencil drawing

Step 21

If you like you can now ink your drawing by tracing all your pencil lines with black ink.

Spider-Man drawing in pen and ink

Congratulations on finishing the How to Draw Spider-Man lesson! Now that you have drawn him you can color him with markers or colored pencils.