How To Draw Sulley From Monsters Inc.

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This tutorial will teach you how to draw Sulley from the film Monsters Inc.

James P. Sullivan, or Sulley, is a top scarer for a company called Monsters inc. He and his monster friend Mike Wazowski are scarers for the company.

How to draw Sulley from Monsters Inc.

They live in their world called Monstropolis but sneak into the bedrooms of children via closet doors they use as portals. Once they scare children they use the children’s screams to power their city.

Sulley is voiced by actor John Goodman. Monsters Inc was produced by Pixar (famous for Toy Story) and Released by Disney. It was directed by Pete Doctor.

Step 1

Sketch the frame for Sulley’s head and body.

He’s a monster so his features will not be proportionate to a normal person’s. His head is quite large compared to his body. Also his eye line is in the top quarter of his head rather than in the middle.

His body is in contract to his friend Mike. Sully has a much more powerful build except for his legs which are very short in order to emphasis his upper body.


Step 2

Now we can begin erasing our guidelines and draw the final lines for our drawing. Draw Sulley’s shoulders and arms.


Step 3

Draw his hands and his belly. Like most cartoon characters Sulley only has four fingers on each hand. At the end of each finger is a longer thick nail.

Draw Sulley with a big belly. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s fat though. Maybe he’s just fluffy!


Step 4

Draw Sulley’s legs and feet. His legs will be short compared to his body. He has three toes and each one has a long nail like his fingers.

Draw a short tail laying behind him.


Step 5

Use the guidelines you drew on his head to draw his face. His eyes are placed high near his forehead.

Sulley has two horns as well curving inward.


Step 6

One of the neatest things about Sulley is that he is covered in fur. The first time I saw Monsters Inc. I was amazed at the animation quality of each hair on his body.

You will need to erase part of what you have already drawn. Draw fur on his body. Good places for this are his shoulders, elbows, knees, and chin.


Step 7

Draw Sulley’s purple spots on his arms, shoulders, and legs.

Sulley from Monsters Inc drawing

Step 8

To finish up erase any remaining guidelines. You can ink your drawing if you did it on paper. Color your drawing with your preferred medium. And don’t forgot to share your drawing with me on Facebook or Twitter!

Monsters Inc Drawing