How To Draw Tulips

Today’s tutorial is on how to draw tulips!

Tulips are perennial flowers which will usually bloom in springtime when temperature and environment is most favorable to there germination. They grow best in areas that have frigid winters and long periods of dry weather. A prolonged cold period, or vernalization, is required for flowering.

how to draw tulips

There are over 3000 varieties of tulips which can differ wildly in size, bulb shape, and color. Tulips can grow to differing sizes since there are so many types. Their height can be as low as 5 inches or as high as 30 inches.

Tulip domestication began over 1000 years ago in central Asia and was brought west by the Turks. Even today the tulip is associated with Turkey where it is the national flower. Today tulips can be found all around the world.

Tulips usually have one flower per stem but some varieties may have up to three or four on a stem.

Tulip bulbs come in many different colors. I chose to make mine purple in this drawing but you can color yours red, yellow, green, white, orange, or even multi-colored patterns.

Step 1

This drawing will have several budding tulips and they are all going to be drawn pretty much the same way but with a little variation. The basic formula is the same for all of them.

We are going to focus on drawing the petals of the flowers first. Begin by drawing the petal that is facing us.


Step 2
Then draw the other petals behind the first one you drew. These are all wrapping around each other to create a cylindrical shape around the stamen of the flower.


Step 3

Great job on your first tulip. Now let’s move onto the other flowers.

Just like with the first flower begin by drawing the petal facing you followed by the others behind it.

These tulips do not all have to be uniform. Your drawing will look much better if they are all a little different from each other. Have some leaning in different direction or have them slightly more open or closed than others.













Step 4

Draw the stems of the tulips jutting down from each of the flowers.

Draw them all slanted toward a central point that is below the frame of your canvas.


Step 5

Draw some of the leaves of the tulips.

These will be like big blades of grass tapering to a single point at the top.

Draw these leaning and bending away from each other.

tulip flowers line drawing

Step 6

Finish up your drawing by adding any last minute details or erasing any stray lines.

Black and white flowers aren’t very much fun so try coloring your work using markers or colored pencils.

tulips line drawing

Congratulations on finishing the How To Draw Tulips tutorial!

How does it look? I would love to see your drawing. Please post an image of your drawing in the comments section below. It really makes my day when I see your drawings posted here!