How To Draw Wolverine

Okay, guys, let’s draw Wolverine!

This grumpy little Canadian is by far my favorite X-Man and just may well be my favorite Marvel Comics super hero. He’s easily the most popular of the X-Men amongst most fans.

how to draw Wolverine

He’s was born in Canada in the late 1800’s but his mutant powers keep him looking relatively young. He is a mutant with adamantium claws and skeleton. He has a healing factor which can help him recover from nearly any injury, and he has a heightened sense of smell and hearing which can rival a bloodhound.

Wolverine has been portrayed by actor Hugh Jackman in various X-Men movies since 2000.

Wolverine first appeared in Incredible Hulk #180 and #181. The concept for the character was dreamed up by Roy Thomas and Len Wein and the costume was originally designed by John Romita, Sr.

Step 1

The first step is to draw a stick-figure for our character so we what pose he will be in. Figure drawing is easier when we make a simple stick figure first. Once we put the stick figure in the pose we want then we can put the muscles, clothes, and other details over it. The stick figure foundation will be erased by the time we finish our drawing.

In this drawing Wolverine will be leaning forward with his adamantium claws unsheathed. We want him to look like he’s ready for a fight!


Step 2

Now that we have the foundation for our drawing down we can begin putting the details on his body. Start by drawing Wolverine’s shoulders and torso. We want to give him a cool super hero physique so bulk him up so he’s muscular.


Step 3

Draw Wolverine’s arms extended on his sides. We will come back later to draw the hands.


Step 4

Sketch out the legs. These are not the final forms of the legs. We are just drawing this part because it will then be easier to draw the pants covering the legs.


Step 5

Draw his pants. Add the belt and pockets at his waist. Draw folds at his crotch, knees, and ankles for a cool effec


Step 6

Now draw Wolverine’s fists and shoes.


Step 7

Draw Wolverine’s face.

Wolverine isn’t known for being the friendliest super hero around. Draw him sneering with angry looking eyes. This will make him more intense and intimidating and is a very typical Wolverine expression.


Step 8

Wolverine is known for his crazy hair. Is he cool because of his crazy hair or is he cool in spite of it?

Draw the characteristic mutton chops and pointy hair. This makes Wolverine look more animal like and really fits his character.


Step 9

Draw Wolverine’s chest hair and the hair on his arms. This is one more thing that makes him appear animal-like.

Finally we can draw the part that makes Logan the Wolverine: his claws!

He of course has three claws on each hand. Draw them pointing out of his knuckles on each hand.


Step 10

Now we can add the values (shading) to our drawing to make it really pop. These can be added to his arms, chest, and pants. I like to just draw the borders where I will put my values then color them in later.


Step 11

Erase the stick figure from step 1 and any remaining stray pencil lines. Color in the borders for the values as well as his hair.

Wolverine pencil sketch

Step 12

Now that you have drawn the everything in pencil you might choose to ink your drawing with a pen. I always like the way pen and ink drawings look.

Wolverine ink drawing

Congratulations on completing the How To Draw Wolverine tutorial! Now that you have finished it you can color it using your favorite medium.

As always please please please(!) share your drawings with me on Facebook and Twitter. I love to see the drawings of my readers!